The Blue Ocean 3D version is highly appreciated by players for its graphics, from images to sounds that make players have extremely good experiences. This game depicts a very realistic image of the ocean floor, beautiful lighting and the rooms are designed under the interface of submarines.

Depending on your own ability, the player chooses the appropriate submarine. The difficulty level of the game will be gradually increased.

  • Submarine 1: Bonus value up to 100 times.
  • Submarine 2: Bonus value is 1000x.
  • Submarine 3: There is a prize value for the winner of 2000 times.
  • Submarine 4 is difficult to conquer, so the payout for the winner is up to 10000 times.
  • Finally, submarine 5 with a huge bonus of 50,000 times.

The features of Blue Ocean 3D

  • Bomb: The bonus level for players who conquer the Bomb is up to 100x. When the bomb explodes, the whole screen will vibrate, all fishes are killed. Players will receive an extremely attractive bonus.

  • Lantern fish: Players who own this fish can receive a bonus of up to 1000x and have an additional gun with great destructive power.

  • Cannon: The reward level for successful cannon conquerors is 2000x and 50 free bullets. Players can confidently release bullets, without worrying about financial problems.

  • Drill: This drill will attack large fish and bring the maximum score for the player up to 3000 points. In addition, players can also get a free drill gun, it can hit any fish that is moving on the screen, then the player can receive additional bonus points.

  • Compass: The payout players can get when owning a compass is 10000 to 15000 points and also the lucky spin. The player who clicks on the spin can get an extra 20000 points.


  • Normal fish 

  • Medium fish 

  • Big fish 

  • Special fish 


So as long as players remember the rules and features of Blue ocean 3D, players can find the right strategy for themselves, from which the possibility of winning will be extremely high. Follow for more information at the website if players want to have a lot of fun with the online fish table game!