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  • Where Can I Bitcoin?

Players can buy or sell Bitcoin at many places. Safe online exchanges include: Coinbase, Bitstamp and Bitpanda. Players who want to make Bitcoin trades please visit our About Bitcoin category.

  • Are the Games Fair?

All games on the website are provided by large, reputable publishers such as Microgaming, Betsoft, Play’n Go,… Functions are regularly tested, upgraded and players must perform. Multiple verification steps to ensure safety.

The system works under license and inspection by major betting organizations. Therefore, all activities are legal, members’ betting interests are protected to the maximum.

  • Can I Deposit With Card And Withdraw With Bitcoin?

Players must withdraw using the same method as when they made a deposit. In other words, if a player deposits with a bank, then when withdrawing money, he must also perform a bank transaction, not using e-wallets or other methods.


  • How To Register An Account ?

Players need to visit the website and select “register” on the right corner of the screen. Then the interface will display a form, players enter personal information as required. Boxes marked with * are required to fill in information, email address and phone number is the contact method players are using. After clicking the “finish” button, the registration command is sent to the system. Players receive notifications at their personal emails, activate their accounts according to regulations. After changing the password for safety, the player makes a deposit and can start betting.

  • What If I Forgot Password?

Players only need to create a new password by clicking on the “forgot password” line displayed below the registered account. Immediately the website will email the player, leading to a new link. Players only need to enter a new password for their account.

Deposit And Withdrawals

  • Why Is My Deposit Not Showing?

The player has made a deposit order, the player’s deposit amount is not displayed in the system. This means that this transaction has not been confirmed, players can check the information during the transaction. After the required confirmation time, the problem is still not fixed, players need to contact the website staff for support.

  • What Happens If The Player’s Deposit To A Different Address Or The Money Is Less Than The Minimum?

The website does not have access to actual active money transfers. If the funds arrive at a different address, or lower than the requested amount, the funds may be forfeited.

  • How Long Will It Take Players To Receive Money After Withdrawal?

Players’ trading requests will be processed immediately. Depending on the transaction method and different time, the time will change. Usually the minimum withdrawal is 10 minutes. Players please visit “Our Payments” for detailed information.

  • Rules For Withdrawing My Account Balance?

The player’s deposit must reach at least 1 bet. This means that the player’s deposit must be wagered before it can be withdrawn to the personal bank.