Terms and Conditions

The terms of Fishgamegambling.com are established based on the legitimate agreement of the system and its members. Details of terms and conditions may be updated or changed from time to time. Fishgamegambling.com makes every effort to notify players of any changes to these terms. However, if the member wants to determine whether the source is accurate or not, the member should update it at the system. As soon as we announced a new version update, the documents became effective immediately.


  • We will use first person pronouns to refer to Fishgamegambling.com operator, legal representative and online betting brand.
  • Members who bet at the system are called and proclaimed in the second person so that viewers can easily follow the information.
  • The policy of the website will protect all personal documents of players. All clearly displayed in the dedicated documentation.

Purpose of the website

  • Fishgamegambling.com is a platform that specializes in providing online betting products including Slot games and Fish table games. All information posted on Fishgamegambling.com is for entertainment purposes, supporting players in terms of service and quality when they experience here.
  • Players have successfully registered an account, which means they have agreed to the terms and conditions of the Fishgamegambling.com. Besides, they are determined to operate according to the online casino regulations set out earlier.
  • All of the information we provide is factual, consistent with regional regulations and completely reliable. Players can monitor and update the situation from time to time, ensuring the accuracy of information.
  • If the player uses the information of the Fishgamegambling.com for his own purposes, we will not bear any damages arising from the player.
  • Players who use websites that contain links to our system need to read them all carefully. Referring to the correct terms and conditions will avoid side effects and minimize the influence of players when participating in betting.
  • Advertising content may appear on the website, for the purpose of promoting betting activities for players. Therefore, members operating on our website must be over 18 years old, the legal age to participate in gambling according to the regulations in the area where they live. Members when using the services at Fishgamegambling.com need to carefully consider and select information suitable for themselves.

Use copyrighted materials

  • The terms and regulations are set forth to ensure the interests of the website, in addition to the rights holders related to the website content. These owners can operate according to the provisions set forth in the document.
  • Information about copyright, trademark, material and sound, graphics  and sound recordings are all clearly stated for the purpose of use and ownership in terms and conditions.
  • Members may only consult and act upon the request of the document and may not alter, publish or transfer it to a third party. Players also may not create products, or use part, all of such information. Players should remember that the content on the website is exclusive!
  • Players may not copy, distribute or otherwise transfer to third parties if such material is displayed or downloaded from the website.


  • Players when using the website mean that they understand and confirm that they have consulted the information about the terms and conditions. Users must bear all responsibility and risks if there are problems arising from the website.
  • Users must remember that they themselves do not have the right to modify the terms and conditions, only to use them on request if they have previously agreed.
  • When the content of the website is made available to the player, no representations or warranties are made as to possible harm. Players use the Fishgamegambling.com with its content and services at their own risk.
  • Google may provide translation services to players. However, the most accurate, reliable and implied information will be given priority in the English text. Any differences between the provisions of these documents and other languages ​​are not accepted.

General regulations

  • Players should remember that in addition to these terms and conditions, players must read the entire data: privacy policy, accept restrictions as they apply.
  • The Player may only exercise, not assign the terms/or transfer the User’s rights and obligations hereunder to any third party, in whole or in part.
  • The Fishgamegambling.com has the right to end restrictions, set new requirements to provide services in the system, without prior notice to the player, just based on its own internal rules.