When participating in any game, most people have an ambition to win, by shooting down as many fish as possible. However, how to play fish shooting game for real money today is not easy. It is required that each player must find his own tips to fish table game, combined with compliance with the set rules to increase the chances of winning.

We get a lot of questions from players about “how to win money at fish tables”, “Fish Table Game Strategy”. If players want to win, players should apply fish table tips.

10 Fish Table Game Strategy Tips For Newbies

Here is a guide to shooting fish for money from experience players who have successfully applied it for everyone’s reference:

Instruction how to play fish table game effectively from experienced players

Use the strategy of firing bullets

One of the most effective tips for fish table games to get money is to give a reload and increase bullets when playing appropriately. For this way of playing, everyone will increase bullets gradually from less to more. For example, the first time you use 1 bullet for each fish to kill a total of 10 fish. Gradually, you can increase the number of bullets to more instead of 1, maybe 2, 3, 4, …

Apply the strategy of increasing the number of bullets gradually when shooting fish

But when you shoot the 100th bullet, only 558 points are lost. However, the number of fish that you can destroy is very large, about 1000 points to bring back. The most important thing is that you must know how to quickly increase the bullet at the right time to be able to bring yourself an attractive number of coins.

Aim the target as soon as the fish leaves the table

If you pay attention, often many fish will be destroyed as soon as they go beyond the board. This is the best time to start shooting fish right away. According to the survey, the probability of killing when the fish has just come out of the table is very high. However, you need to aim accurately, as it usually only applies to small and medium fish.

Pay attention to destroy the fish that are about to come out the table

With this tip, it will often help you bring in an amount of coins, rather than just focusing on killing big fish that take a lot of bullets. At the same time, everyone needs to be fully loaded and pay attention to the corners of the table to increase their chances of killing the fish.

Apply the strategy of shooting many small fish

Many players often make the mistake of always setting their ambitions too high, focusing only on destroying big fish, and ignoring many small fish. This is really a bad way to play, because its risk is very high, it is easy to make you spend a lot of bullets but the ability to destroy is difficult.

So, one of the most effective ways to shoot fish for money is to take advantage of the small angle of the shooter, to be able to destroy many small fish at the same time. However, instead of just focusing on one corner, you can apply the shooting strategy by rotating the barrel continuously around the fish shooting table.Then, slowly fire each bullet out in a different direction. At this time, the probability that 1 bullet will destroy 1 fish. For big bosses, you can use 2-3 tablets to destroy.

Instead of using 10 bullets to focus only on shooting big fish but with a low chance of success, with the application of the tactic of shooting 10 bullets will shoot many small fish, along with the opportunity to shoot large fish. From there, it will help you bring back a higher number of coins.

Use tips to shoot in the ways forward-backward-forward

This is one of the instructions to shoot fish for money shared by many  players to destroy big fish. Because to be able to shoot down a big fish, it takes a lot of bullets. Therefore, when applying the strategy of shooting in a forward-backward-forward , the chances of successful destruction will be increased. The steps are as follows:

Increase speed at the right time to kill fish effectively

  • Step 1: Proceed to shoot continuously at the body of the big fish.
  • Step 2: Then start to slow down with the corresponding bullet rate of 3-5 rounds
  • Step 3: When you notice that the big fish has begun to lose strength, start increasing the speed of fire like step 1. At this time, make sure that no matter how big the fish is, it is easy to be captured.

Use tip slow shot but speed 

One of the best ways when shooting fish is speed. However, the speed here needs to be adjusted accordingly. Everyone should shoot at a fast, continuous and steady , not shoot fast or slow without a clear target.

Speed greatly affects the ability to kill fish

Initially, you should clearly define the target you want to eliminate. Then slowly shoot bullets at the target, increasing the speed of fire faster and faster to defeat the big fish in the shortest time.

Use different bullet types instead of 1 type

This way will help you destroy all the small fish, along with the opportunity to defeat the big fish. With the use of a variety of bullets and continuous firing, this is guaranteed to bring you a catch of all fish, all coins.

Tips for shooting fish alone and in groups

With the destruction of single fish, you should use a selection of small bullets so as not to cause waste. In the case that you have shot 3-5 bullets and the fish is not dead, you should ignore this case to find another object. This will help everyone save the amount of bullets they have to focus on another object that is easier to destroy.

Pay attention to individual fish and group destruction

As for the case of encountering a whole school of about 10 fish, you should choose a bullet with a higher level of damage, and then immediately shoot 3-5 times. At this time, the ability to kill a larger number of fish will be higher.

Use a variety of bullets

In the fish shooting table game, to destroy the big fish with 1 bullet is really difficult. Instead, you should observe when small and large fish appear at the same time, or use many different weapons to attack.

Use large bullets Shoot as soon as fish appear

Identify the target and shoot as soon as the fish appears. Thus, you will have enough time to kill before the fish swims out of view of the screen.


Above are the information on how to play a fish table game win real money effectively from the experienced players. Thereby, it can be seen that this is an interesting game that helps you both relieve stress and at the same time along with the opportunity to bring in attractive profits when winning the game. Hope you guys have a wonderful experience when you play these games!