Players who want to participate in fish table gambling game online can try The Deep Monster. This is the latest version of the fish game, instead of images of fish swimming in the ocean, in the game there will be monsters of different sizes. They look aggressive at first, but actually give players an attractive bonus if the player successfully hunts them. The following article will guide you on how to join The Deep Monster in the most detail!

Introduction About The Deep Monster

The game The Deep Monster currently has 3 different bet levels. Each bet level will have different rewards and difficulty levels. Players when participating will choose the bet level that suits their personal needs. Specifically:

  • Bronze: Symbol is a lantern fish, the reward level ranges from $0.01 to $0.10. New players often choose the lowest bet, ensure the safety of their bets and can comfortably practice their skills.
  • Silver: Symbol is a ray, this is a level with not too high difficulty but enough for players to practice skills. Player bets range from $0.10 to $1.00.
  •  Gold: Symbol is a fierce crocodile, this rank is very difficult, only masters in the fish game industry can conquer. Players will own 3 guns when playing, the gun power is quite high. The bet amount players need to spend is from $1.00 to $10.00.

The Features Of The Deep Monster

Treasure chest carb: Wins the random prize up to 50x and all the fish on the screen become frozen and stop moving.
Drill weapon: Get a free shot of a unique drill with great attack power. During fire it will have the chance to capture the fishes along the trail path until it explodes.
The Deep Monster can be captured until it leaves on the screen 


100x – 500x 

Tips To Play The Deep Monster

  • Players can wait for the fish to appear on the table to immediately release the bullet. At that time, the fish did not have any precautions and they were attacked by surprise. This method has a high probability of success, the player’s task is to aim and shoot the fish properly. Any player can apply this method.
  • Fishing in groups is also an effective method. Players can use small bullets or large bullets depending on the size of the fish. Players just need to aim at the schools of fish that are moving to the middle of the screen and fire. In case the player has used 3 to 5 bullets and the fish still escapes and swims away, the player should stop, switch to another goal.
  • Each version of the fish game will have different rules, although they are all hunting for rewards, but the way to use weapons and features will change. Therefore, before participating, players must learn about that game, the unique features of the game and consult information from the guide.
  • Players should choose a reliable, reputable and legal online casino to join. Besides, the psychological issue is extremely important, players must be very calm, not in a hurry when they first start playing or lose their temper when they cannot hunt fish. Everything must have order and follow the strategy to be successful. 

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Just now is an article detailing how to play The Deep Monster and tips to help players succeed. Hope the above information is useful, bringing victory and attractive rewards to customers. Wish players have a good experience with The Deep Monster!