Kirin Storm is an online fish table games that appeared not long ago and is currently available at many online casinos. Players participating in Kirin Storm all appreciate that this is a game with many new features, sharp images and realistic sound. What’s even more special is that inexperienced new players can choose the Demo version to bet, without any cost.

The following article will help players understand Kirin Storm!

The Levels Of Kirin Storm

In the game Kirin Storm, players have 3 choices, corresponding to 3 levels to join. Each level will have a different difficulty level, depending on the skills and experience of each person that they will conquer the game.

  • VIP: Players are allowed to own 1 gun with low power, the bet they can spend ranges from 10-1000. This is a trial bet, suitable for new players to join the online fish table. They can experience without worrying about stakes, more suitable for training skills than earning bonuses.
  • VVIP: Gun power is level two and each player is allowed to use 2 guns. The amount they bet ranges from 50 to 1000 coins. Players when choosing this level almost understand the rules of the game and are proficient with previous online fish table versions. They join to experience, earn an extra bet if they win. Room entry fee is $10.
  • Super VIP: This is the strongest room, the most difficult rank and not all players can join. Most customers must have a lot of betting experience and skills to win. At this level, players need to spend an amount from 100 to 1000 coins and the fee to enter the room is 10 coins.

The Advantages Of Kirin Storm

Kirin Storm possesses many outstanding advantages. Although the topic of fish tables online is extremely familiar to players, the appearance of Kirin Storm is still outstanding and creates interesting and new things for all customers. One of the typical features of the Kirin Storm game can be mentioned as:

  • Different levels of play, players have many options to refer to and choose from. Each choice is suitable for the player’s ability, there is no limit to the number of players in each version.
  • The bonus level is extremely high, the bet level is raised, the player bonus will also be increased.
  • Customers can participate using many different devices, be it by computer or mobile. Just one player account can join Kirin Storm easily.
  • Over time, Kirin Storm is updated with many new features, improving the quality of the game. Customers also have more opportunities to experience many other interesting things.
  • The game possesses many diverse creatures, novel colors and realistic sounds. Players will feel the attraction under the ocean, from the smallest details are meticulously elaborated.



How To Play The Kirin Storm – Fish Table Games

As mentioned, Kirin Storm appears at Our Website. Players can freely participate at many different websites. Each website will have different requirements, benefits and different rewards. One of the online casinos that has received the support and trust of many players is Our Website – a famous online fish table supply system in the USA, with a professional staff and high reputation. in the online entertainment industry.

The way to join Kirin Storm at Our Website is extremely simple, players just need to follow the following steps

  • Step 1: Players access the Our Website and choose to register for an account.
  • Step 2: Players top up their account and select the “Fish table game” category
  • Step 3: Players choose Kirin Storm => Level => Weapon and start the game.


Hopefully the above information will help players better understand Kirin Storm and its features. If players have entertainment needs and need to find a suitable online casino, We is one of the most perfect choices at the moment. Wish players have moments of sublimation with Kirin Storm!