Fishing Go is a new variation of fish tables online. The game has received love and support from many players since the first days of its appearance. If you are looking for a safe and reputable online casino to join Fishing Go, We is the most suitable choice. Let’s learn about Fishing Go. What advantages does this game have that make players love it so much?

Fishing Go - Fish Table Games

What Is Fishing Go?

Fishing Go is an online fish table to redeem rewards, released by Spade gaming provider. Fishing Go has appeared on the market for a while and still retains its Hot level because of its outstanding advantages. Fishing Go has super beautiful 3D graphics, realistic images, and extremely vivid. The sound in the game is very bustling, creating a sense of fun for players. Fishing Go arranges up to 4 shooting machines in the corners, players are free to choose, the competitiveness of the game is also increased.

Fishing Go betting ranks:

  • Newbie: 10-500, for newbies, no shooting fish experience.
  • Expert: 100-500 players who have participated in fish table games, have betting experience.
  • Royal: 1000-50000 for players who are shooting fish masters, have a lot of experience, have received many awards when playing fish table game.
Fishing Go - Fish Table Games

Type Of Fishes And Payment

  • Regular Fish
Fire Fish gobyx2Jellyfishx12Yellow Fish x30-70
Clownfishx3Lantern fishx15Yellow Snakeskin discus x40-80
Butterflyfishx4Turtlex18Yellow Pufferx40-90
Pufferx5x20Yellow Sharkx50-100
Lionfishx6Rayx25Sperm whale x50-100
Floundex7Big Clownfishx30Yellow sperm whale x60-200
Crayfishx8Big butterflyfishx40Dragonx60-888
Dolphinx9Big Pufferx50
Octopusx10Blue Sharkx30-70

Special Fish

  • Crab laser: Players receive up to 120 times their initial stake. In addition, the player also has the support of cannons, a wide range of shots in the direction of the swimming fish.
  • Drill of Crab: The bonus players can get 120 times more than the bet. In addition, players can also receive more cannons with the ability to destroy all fish swimming around the lake.
  • Bomb of crab: Players can get rewards up to x120 times. When using the bomb of crab, the bomb will explode and all fish in the nearby area will be destroyed.
  • Cake of crab : give up to 300 times the bonus compared to the player’s initial bet.
  • Jellyfish: Bonuses players can get 120 times. Jellyfish has the ability to shoot electricity at surrounding fish to destroy them.
  • Firestorm: The player is given 60-100 ammo in quick fire mode and ends when the ammo runs out.
  • Lucky bag of gold: Players receive rewards up to 200 times. The player can choose 1 bag of gold from the treasure chest.
  • Dragon King: This is a boss that requires a combination of players to catch and give rewards x10 to x300 times.


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