With a hunting theme like other products in the online fish tables, this time players participating in Bird Hunter will not turn into divers. Each player will be transformed into a bird hunter. Throughout the Bird Hunter game, players will encounter many different species of birds, with diverse sizes and outstanding colors. Of course, each bird species will correspond to a different reward level. Players who want to receive rewards must successfully kill them. To better understand Bird Hunter, do not forget to refer to the article below!

The Level Of Bird Hunter

  • VIP: 1 Gun 10-1000, players do not have to pay to log in. Simple gameplay, many small birds, suitable for new players. They can experiment to gain experience.
  • VVIP: 2 Guns 50-1000, players need to pay 10 coins for each login. The way to play is quite simple, there will be more large birds and players will need more ammo and new weapons to conquer. This round is suitable for those who have entertainment needs and know how the online fish table genre works.
  • SuperVIP: 3 Guns 100- 1000, players still have to pay 10 coins for each login. In this round, there will be more large birds, players have to buy and prepare many weapons to conquer them. Those who have a lot of experience, skills and want to win big bonuses should choose SuperVIP.

The Features Of Bird Hunter

  • If the player successfully hunts the king of birds, the player will also destroy all other birds that are flying on the screen.
  • Each feather of the Phoenix Phoenix will bring a very unique score. Players who want to receive rewards can wait for this opportunity, but the feathers appear quite randomly, depending on the luck of each player.
  • The player can start the golden egg smash game if they collect 5 feathers from the rainbow phoenix.
  • Players can use firebirds for free if they want to attack other birds. This is also one of the quite generous incentives in this game.
  • One hawk is enough to destroy all the birds on the screen, giving the player a large number of bonus points.

And there are many other creatures, each with its own characteristics, helping players conquer challenges and receive bonuses. However, players must have skills to capture those creatures, applying them at the right time to have the best results.

Payment Bird Hunter

  • Small Bird: The bonus level ranges from x2 to x20, most of which are small birds, have quite prominent colors and often appear on the screen.
  • Medium Bird: The reward level ranges from x20 to x80. These birds are not difficult to hunt, but players must invest in guns, ammo and apply other features at different times.
  • Special Bird: Huge bonus level ranging from 100x to 1000x. They rarely appear on the screen, players often have to coordinate in groups to be able to successfully destroy them. These are birds with extremely colorful, outstanding colors and make the player spend a lot of bullets.

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Recently there is detailed information about Bird Hunter and how to join the game. Hopefully with the above knowledge, players will better understand the characteristics of this game, love it more and especially receive extremely attractive rewards from Bird Hunter. Good luck players!