Cai Shen Da Hai – This game belongs to the fish table game theme, which has been transformed by the game publisher, adding many new features. Therefore, players when participating in Cai Shen Da Hai will have new experiences. In the following article, we will help players understand more about Cai Shen Da Hai, know how to bet and receive many attractive rewards!

What Is Cai Shen Da Hai?

Cai Shen Da Hai is an online fish table game created by publisher Pragmatic Play. This game is carefully invested from images to sounds, giving players new emotions. Any player who has participated in Cai Shen Da Hai will love it. Here players have a wide choice of levels, weapons with diverse features. Depending on the player’s skill, the player will choose the appropriate bullets and room.

The Features In Cai Shen Da Hai

  • Crab: Players who kill crabs will gain features from them. Crab can appear at any time in 4 game modes
  • Laser Gun: A laser gun that can replace bonus cannons, firing with levels of 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 80 or 100 free shots. Lasers will be more powerful than conventional weapons, increasing the player’s chances of killing fish.
  • Big Drill: When the player activates the tare drill, the drill will bounce off the wall and kill fish in the way they are moving. The feature ends with a big explosion, killing many big fish.
  • Cash bonus: The player selects 1 cell in the row below the 5×4 line. If a number is revealed, the bonus stops. If a fairy arrow appears on the screen, the player selects a cell in the next row above. This process will be repeated many times until a multiplier is reached. The higher the number of rows, the bigger the multiplier, the player gets a cash reward equal to the multiplier.
  • Vortex: If a fish appears inside the bubble, the player can activate the Vortex feature. Then the fish in the bubble die and the fish of the same type on the screen will be sucked into that bubble vortex. All will be destroyed, the amount of money players receive will be extremely large!
  • Bomb: A bomb that, if exploded, kills all fish on the screen, except for special creatures like Cai Shen, King Dragon or Crab. The bonus that the player can receive with the support of the bomb will be 5000 times the original bet.
  • Chain Reaction: Inside the bubble, trapped fish will have a chain reaction. They are activated by the Chain Reaction feature. Once the fish in the chain reaction ball is killed, the random number of fish on the screen will also be killed!

Paytable In Cai Shen Da Hai

Depending on the type of fish, there will be different payouts. Large fish species, the more difficult to kill, will tend to reward higher. The rewards players receive are real money, which will be withdrawn to personal accounts.

  • Small fish: The bonus players receive can be 2, 3 to 10 times the original bet.
  • Medium fish: The level of rewards players can receive ranges from x10 to x20.
  • Special Fish: Yellow Hammer Shark x80, Dragon x100.
  • Dragon King: Can appear at any time while the player uses different shooting modes, the maximum random reward the player receives from x100 when the dragon king is shot.
  • Cai Shen to big win: Cai Shen appears in each mode and awards a random cash prize up to x100 – 500 why being shot.


Above is the detailed information about the game Cai Shen Da Hai, the features and the payouts players can receive. Hopefully with specific instructions, players will better understand the game, know how to use weapons at the right time, at the right time.

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