Candy Tower is an online Slot game developed by Habanero with a 6-reel, 5-row layout and symbols distributed in clusters. Wilds, scatters, free spins and 5 player power ups. Join Fishgamegambling to learn how to play Candy Tower Slot in detail.

What is Candy Tower Slot Game?

Set in hills filled with cakes, muffins, rivers made of syrup and the ground covered in a layer of frost, Candy Tower’s candy rolls are filled with all kinds of goodies with different sweetness.

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Game Overview

  • Developer: Habanero.
  • RTP: 96.73%
  • Reels: 6X5
  • Payout line: Not specified.
  • Minimum bet: 20
  • Max bet: 5000
  • Trial: Have

Wild symbol

Wild will substitute for any other symbols on the reels every time they appear, except for Scatter. Wild will appear on axes 2, 4 and 6 in the Base Game.

Wild can be part of more than one group, paying only when not part of any other group.

Scatter symbol

Scatter payouts are added to other payouts, Scatter winning bets will be multiplied by the total bet, paying out in any position.

Scatter Payment:

  • 6X: 750,000 
  • 5X: 150,000
  • 4X: 45,000 
  • 4X: 15,000

Candy tower

Activate the boost feature by collecting winning combinations on the base game and then in effect on the next free hand feature at King855.

  • Pancake icons are added to the tower when INCREASE HORIZONTAL is activated.
  • Donut icons are added to the tower when INCREASE VERTICAL is activated.
  • The Cupcake Icon is added to the tower  when INCREASE CASH is activated.
  • A small candy bar icon is added to the tower  when INCREASE MULTIPLIER  is activated.
  • A large candy bar icon is added to the tower when ROLLING INCREASE is activated.

Wild symbol feature

The wild symbol drop is triggered randomly before the reels stop.

3-10 Wild symbols are dropped on rows 3-5 before the payout.

The wild symbol drop takes place before the boost, and the dropped Wilds can expand.


Activate the INCREASE VERTICAL feature by collecting 5 or more Gold candies winning combinations in the base game.

The wild that spawns from the top will expand from the middle to cover 3 symbols.

Wilds appearing from the top in the top or bottom row will expand to cover the top 3 symbols respectively.


Activate the INCREASE HORIZONTAL feature by collecting 10 or more Blue candy winning combinations in the base game.

Wilds appearing from the beginning on the right or outermost axis will expand to cover 3 symbols to the right or left respectively.


Activate INCREASE CASH by collecting 25 or more Purple candy winning combinations in the base game.

On every free hand, an instant cash bonus will appear on 3-10 random symbols. The potential prizes are a multiplier of the bet level of X1, X2, X3, X5, X8, X28, X58, X88, X188, X288, X588, X888.


Activate the ROLLING INCREASE by collecting 20 or more combinations of Green candies in the base game.

At the start of the free game feature, a single Wild is guaranteed to appear in a random position.

Each free game the Wild symbol will move one position in any direction.


Activate the multiplier boost by collecting 35 or more Red candy winning combinations in the base game, all prizes will be doubled.


  • Win 10 free games when 3 Wild symbols appear.
  • Win 15 free games when 4 Wilds appear.
  • Win 50 free games when 5 Wild symbols appear.
  • Win 250 free games when 6 Wilds appear.

Bonus 15 free games when all boosters are activated in the base game.

The higher free game will take precedence if all boosters and Wilds are active simultaneously.

The feature can be re-enabled. Free games are played at the bet level of the active game.

Collections are disabled during the free game feature. Also collections are reset to zero after the free game feature is complete.

Group Rewards

7 or more symbols appearing in the pool will award the win.

An symbol is considered to be in a group if it is horizontally or vertically adjacent to an identical symbol.

Added wins in different groups, winning bets are multiplied by bet level.

Payment symbols

SymbolsWildRed candyGreen candyPurple candyBlue candyYellow candy


Candy Tower Slot is an interesting game with a new theme and fun graphics, players can experience by register account at the Our Website and many attractive promotions at the casino today.