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In order to gain a foothold in the online fish table & slot game market in US, Fishgamegambling also constantly strives to provide a quality betting playground for players by always offering the highest and most competitive odds. This is to increase the amount of bonuses for players when winning bets. Besides, Fishgamegambling always learns and develops more about its services to bring satisfaction to players.

What is Fish Party Slot?

Fish Party ocean party night with huge wins of up to 97,000 currency units if players are lucky on each reel. There aren’t too many special features, but Fish Party gives players a chance to win big with super-stacking wilds.

  • Number of reels: 3×5 (3 rows, 5 columns equivalent to 15 reels).
  • Number of winning lines in the game: 243 lines.
  • Minimum bet 0.30 USD.
  • Maximum bet is 15.00 USD.

How to play Fish Party Slot

  • The player chooses the total bet for each spin by selecting the bet line according to the bet multiplier and currency.
  • Pressing the spin button to spin, the player can choose the auto spin mode with 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 and unlimited spins respectively. Players can use this feature if they do not want to click “next” every time the spin is over. During the auto spins, the bet line and total stake will remain the same according to the selection of the first spin. Players can choose the quick spin feature to skip some effects and images in the reels.
  • In the auto spin, the player can set the parameters to limit how much the loss is, then stop or stop the auto spin when the winnings or balance is at a certain level specified by the player.
  • After the reels stop, the combination of symbols shown will determine the payout as shown on the paytable. Check the total winnings on the winning field.

Note The reels on the Slot machine screen will spin randomly. You win if the same symbols appear on a payline of your choice. Get a bonus (if you win) and start a new game. 

In-game payments

The number of paylines is somewhat limited with only 243 lines according to the rules in the game, the player will receive a reward.

Line wins are awarded for adjacent symbol combinations from left to right. Line winnings are multiplied by the bet.

All winnings will pay out from left to right except for the bonus symbol that pays off anywhere. If multiple winning lines appear on the same spin, only the best winning combinations are paid out. In the event of a problem the bet and spin will be void. 

Wild symbol

The wild symbol stacks on all reels and can substitute for all remaining symbols to form a winning line. 

Bonus symbol

Bonus symbol in any position, winnings with the bonus symbol are multiplied by the total bet.

Winnings with the bonus symbol are added to the line winnings.

When there are 3 or more bonus symbols the player will get up to 20 free spins. 

Free Spins

Free spins are triggered when a player gets more than 3 paying symbols on the same reel. The maximum number of free spins is 20 with super stacking wilds.

During the free spins, the symbols are stacked on all the reels. Players can re-trigger the free spins.

All bets are played as the game that triggered the free spins.


Fish Party gives players more chances to win. Join the exploding arena with Fish Party to enjoy huge rewards on every spin.