Fish table game online has long become a popular entertainment genre. The games have great appeal, receiving massive support from players. In addition, game publishers constantly offer new products, with an investment in images and sound that makes players extremely excited.

Golden Dragon online fish table is a game that is being warmly received by members at fish tables. The product possesses many new and interesting features that make it extremely attractive.

Players can rest assured when participating in Golden Dragon online fish game at Our system because a website that specializes in providing fish table games. Any member who has ever fish game at our website is satisfied from the product to the service.

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Golden Dragon Online Fish Game

Golden Dragon Online Fish Game

The way to participate in Golden Dragon is similar to previous products belonging to the owner of online fish table. However, each new game is published, the game publisher must create a highlight for it, new players do not feel bored, on the contrary will love it much more. Golden Dragon is no exception when it has just arrived, it has made players excited about its attractiveness and high level of fun thanks to many strange features.

At Golden Dragon players have three options, corresponding to 3 ranks. Depending on your own ability, players choose the appropriate rank

  • Bronze: The bet level is from 0.01$ to 0.10$, usually new players will choose this level. They participate to practice skills, low stakes will not cause players to lose too much bet capital.
  • Sliver: Players bet with amounts ranging from $0.10 to $1.00. This level allows players to gain experience, learn how to use some heavy weapons and earn a little bonus to invest in longer-term fun.
  • Gold: The bet that the player can set is limited from 1.00$ to 10.00$. With the golden dragon icon, it is enough for players to know that they must be experienced and strong people to be able to bet. Here any weapon or ammo must be purchased with a huge amount of money. At the same time, those weapons also bring big winnings if the player catches a lot of fish.

Rules Of Golden Dragon Online Fish Table

  • In this game every bullet fired is purchased with money. Players who want to destroy any animal just need to aim at that creature, turn the gun barrel and release the bullet. Players do not forget to include the time and distance the fish will move when the bullet is fired.
  • All creatures if hit by bullets will die, there are creatures that take 2 to 3 bullets to be killed. Small creatures that only need 1 bullet can be destroyed. The results will be immediately added to the player’s bonus table after the fish is killed.
  • If the player kills special creatures such as mermaids, golden dragons, puffer fish, the bonus the player receives will be multiplied by a factor of 2, 3 or even 10 to 100 times.
  • After the end of the game session, the website will immediately pay the bonus to the player. This bonus can be withdrawn by the player to his personal account or continued to participate in other games.

The Main Features Of Golden Dragon Fish Game

Players when participating in Golden Dragon fish game will encounter two new features, especially only in this game:

  • Crystal Win ($ 0.20): Players who want to win must depend on this feature a lot. Any creature can be destroyed by Crystal winn, when hit by crystal the creatures will be motionless on the screen, freezing. At that time, the player only needs to kill by releasing bullets.
  • Freeze Bomb ($0.20): Players can win with just one bomb, this trick is not known to everyone and can be used at any level.

Paytable In Golden Dragon



If the player is a fan of the online fish shooting game real money genre, players should not ignore Golden Dragon. Having many websites provide Golden Dragon online fish table, but We currently owns many great promotions and bonuses are also diverse. Players can both entertain and receive rewards from Golden Dragon!