Fish game online will be programmed to work in the best way, before reaching the player. How specific is this game programming process, is it transparent or not? Also how is the algorithm behind that game? Players must understand and capture detailed information to be able to win easily.

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Transparency When Programming Fish Game

All fish game are programmed according to one rule, ensuring fairness for all players and the best possible quality. The programmers used complex algorithms to design the game with graphics and sound to suit the tastes of all audiences.

Fish game can be simple or complex. This depends on the participants, the difficulty of the game can be gradually increased to stimulate the curiosity and excitement of the players.

Fish game is not picky about players, the whole programming process is extremely sequential, with high transparency. Players can depend on their strength to participate. Although the product is not picky about players, if you want to win, you still need to have the ability to think, reason logically and play appropriately.

If the player is already skilled, the player can choose an Fish game with a more difficult level. For those who are new to the game, they should only choose products with simple programming in terms of difficulty. That way they can train and often draw their own combat experience.

Easy Ways to Win Fish Game

  • With each type of fish there is a certain number of points

The calculation of the fish game depends on the number of bullets the player uses. Specifically, if the player uses 1 bullet and successfully kills the fish, the player collects a bonus enough to buy a larger amount of bullets. Each fish species costs a separate, different amount of ammo. So players clearly understand the level of ammo used and collected.

For small fish, the player’s reward can be from 2 to 10 times. For some large fish like sharks, the reward is up to 30 times, rays up to 20 times. Or if the boss, mermaids, the reward level is even higher.

  • How to calculate common score of fish game

Normally, the fish game has the following scoring method: If the player uses 1 bullet, successfully kills the fish, the player will collect a lot of money to buy many other bullets of the same type. If the player fires continuously, the more fish killed, the more the bonus will increase.

Based on the experience of some players, if they hunt the boss like a dragon, the player who shoots the last bullet to kill the fish will receive a huge amount of points that can be up to 200 times the stake. Therefore, the players must have smart calculations, release bullets at the right time to be able to defeat the fish and win big bonuses.

  • Based on the rules of the game form the ways of playing each game

Although the way to participate in fish game is quite similar. Each game still has a few distinct points, players must understand the rules of each product, the payment level of each fish and also the number of bullets enough to kill each type of creature.

For example, if 3 players look at a fish at the same time, if each person shoots 1 bullet and all 3 hit but the fish is still not dead, the player just needs to aim properly, shoot 1 more bullet, then the fish will surely die. Thus, the prize money will go to the last person to successfully shoot and kill the fish, the rest will lose bullets. For a few experienced players, they will fire bullets in increments to increase the bonus for successfully killing fish.

Sometimes players do not apply the right strategy, leading to bad results. Fish game has many species of fish, big fish, small fish swimming together, it is difficult for players to aim and shoot successfully. Many players initially used 100 bullets to kill large fish, but failed and only caught small fish, the player got bullet holes.

Usually the number of bullets to hunt fish will be limited in a round of play. Players must use up all the ammo before they can reload. That’s why each bullet is released, the player must consider it carefully, avoiding useless bullet loss.

To win, in addition to knowing the rules of the game, players must understand each product they participate in. If possible, players should choose the Demo version before betting with real money. In addition, players add experience, tips, quick thinking and sharp eyes to improve their chances of receiving bonuses from hunting fish.

  • Frequently asked questions from new players

Many new players often ask questions like: How to kill many fish? Which ammo is both effective and reasonably priced? What are the characteristics of large or small fish, how many times will they die? What are the secrets to successful fishing?

In order for players to understand these things, they have to experience a lot with Demo versions, use and learn through all types of weapons. If players know the most basic details, players can use many suitable methods to participate easily.

Newbies should also practice regularly at many different tables to gain a rich playing experience, the best way to respond in each case.


Above is information about game and tips when participating. Hopefully players will have more useful knowledge, contributing to an easier victory. Good luck players!