Ocean King 3 Online Real Money

Ocean King 3 Online Real Money – Thanos Avengers is the follow-up game after the success of Ocean King 3 Online Real Money 3 – Fire Phoenix and Ocean King 3 Online Real Money – Crab Avengers. This game takes the theme from the famous superhero movie Avengers. The main character the player will transform to hunt fish is Thanos.

Currently, Many fish tables online has been providing this game, the latest version, with the latest and most attractive features. If players want to participate in this product, don’t forget to follow the article below to find out details!

Ocean King 3 Online Real Money

The Levels Of Ocean King 3 Online Real Money Thanos Avenger

When the player selects the game, the interface will display 3 levels, corresponding to 3 options from easy to difficult. Depending on individual needs, players choose the appropriate game room.

VIP: Players can only use 1 gun when participating in fishing, the bet price ranges from 10 to 1000. Players do not have to pay to log in to the game room, suitable for new players to experience and practice. more skills.

VVIP: Players can use 2 guns to hunt fish, player bets range from 50 to 1000. The fee to log into the game room is 10 coins. This level is quite difficult, players must have skills to participate and win.

Super VIP: This is the hardest level, for those who specialize in online fish tables and have won many times. The player bet level ranges from 100 to 1000, the participation fee is still 10 coins.


The Features Of Ocean King 3 Online Real Money – Thanos Avengers

  • Thanos: This is the boss of the game, appearing at the last moments for a short time. When the player catches Thanos, the player can catch a lot of fish, especially big fish.
  • Gems Collection: When the player collects 6 gems and a pair of gauntlets, a big explosion can occur and all the fish on the screen will die.
  • In addition, the game also has the appearance of Treasure, Super Bomb, Laser Beam,… All of these features have their own characteristics and uses, helping players in the process of catching fish. Depending on the skills and finances of each player, they can own unique features.


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