If players want to join a completely new version of fish table game, with vivid images and high entertainment. Players can choose Ocean Ruler – a miniature ocean design game, providing an extremely interesting experience. The following article will introduce players to Ocean Ruler, how to join the game and the payout levels!

What Is Ocean Ruler?

Ocean Ruler is one of the very interesting online fish game products that players can find on Our Website. The rules of Ocean Ruler are similar to regular fish table game gambling online. However, this version is equipped with featured symbols with many attractive prizes.

In Ocean Ruler there are 4 game modes. Each mode has its own boss, helping players bring back huge rewards. Players can defeat many bosses with all available features at the same time.

The Rules Of Ocean Ruler

Game mode & account balance

Players when participating in Ocean Ruler can choose from 2 modes: Demo – no money to deposit and play for real money.

The player’s balance immediately goes up when the player kills the fish in Ocean Ruler.

The balance in the player’s account will constantly change as the player uses ammo and when a lot of fish is harvested.

The Features Of Ocean Ruler

  • Multiplication: If the player kills the fish in the bubble, the multiplication feature will be activated. Then the player’s bonus is also multiplied by a random number.
  • Bomb: If Bomb is activated, all fish appearing on the screen will be killed, except the bosses. The bonus that the player can receive will then be 5 times or up to 5000 times.
  • Crab: With this feature, players will receive many extremely convenient abilities:
  • Laser Beam: Click on the icon to shoot and kill the fish in the range of the Laser beam. All shots in this feature are free.
  • Big Drill: Click on the icon to start Big Drill. When the feature is activated, the drill will bounce off the wall and kill all fish in its path. As soon as it finishes, it will make a big explosion to destroy more fish. All shots in this feature are free.
  • Cash Bonus: The player will choose 1 cell in the bottom row of the 5×4 table. If the player chooses a multiplier, the bonus will end. If the player picks an arrow, he will be able to select another tile in the next row until you own a multiplier. The higher the row, the larger the multiplier. The player will then receive a cash prize with the player’s stake multiplied by the player’s received multiplier.


The player will be able to kill the fish in the tornado. Then the fish of the same type appearing on the screen will be caught in the tornado, destroyed. The bonus players receive is 5000x bet.


Players are given up to 3 free rockets after any normal shot. This feature is activated randomly, the fish is also killed randomly, except for the boss.

PayTable In Ocean Ruler

  • Fixed Payment

Some types of fish have a fixed payout. Each type will be regulated differently. The more difficult the fish to kill, the higher the reward:

  • Random payment

Some types of fish are randomly rewarded with the following ratio

x6- x200
  • Boss Payment

Each mode will have 1 type of boss. Defeating the boss will receive a huge reward:

x100- 800


Hopefully with the above information, players can easily join Ocean Ruler Fishing Game. The system regularly updates new features, information is displayed in the game guide list. Players can freely explore the ocean and get real bonuses from today!