Referring to the online fish table, players cannot ignore Poseidon’s Secret – a product that appeared not long ago on the USA market, released by game manufacturer KAGA. In terms of images and content, Poseidon’s Secret makes players absolutely satisfied. Although the fish table genre is no longer a novelty, Poseidon’s Secret still owns a distinct feature that will surely bring an interesting experience to players!

The Rules Of Poseidon’s Secret

  • Similar to other online fish table games, players must use real money to buy bullets, weapons and destroy creatures in the game.
  • As for the bullets that hit the edge of the screen, it will bounce off and hit any fish. If that fish dies, the player will be rewarded according to the payout ratio.
  • Adjusting the gun will make the player more flexible when killing fish.
  • Players will be rewarded when the game is over. The amount of the bonus depends on the number of fish the player destroys in the game.

The Features Of Poseidon’s Secret

  • Lightning bomb: Just drop the bomb once, the power of the bomb will have a chain reaction and all fish on the screen will die in turn.
  • Lobster bomb: This explosion will kill all fish in the affected area. When the player’s bonus account is constantly changing, the bonus increases rapidly.
  • Lucky crab: Players who own this feature will win random prizes up to 50x.
  • Frozen treasure chest: The screen freezes, all fish will stop, players can freely shoot bullets to kill fish.


88x – 368x 
88x- 168x
58x – 88x
48x – 78x
38x- 58x


Poseidon’s Secret is indeed a game with many distinct points. Players who join Poseidon’s Secret will find its appeal, attracted by its new features and huge bonuses. Currently, S777club has provided Poseidon’s Secret fish game with two forms of Demo and real play. Players who do not need to deposit money can still experience this game. Wish players have happy moments with Poseidon’s Secret!