Fu Fishing is a familiar game in the online fish tables community. The theme of the game is similar to other the online fish table versions. This is a game with high entertainment, great rewards, easy to join and easy to win bets. Players when participating in Fu Fishing can earn an extremely large bonus. Check out our website below to learn more about Fu Fishing!

What Is Fu Fishing?

Fu Fishing is a game to kill fish for real money on our website. Players when participating in this game will be granted weapons, kill fish and receive rewards. At the higher ranks, the player must have more skills, stakes and heavy weapons.

Fu Fishing is designed by the game publisher Skywind group, 3D version with vivid, sharp and extremely delicate graphics. Besides, the sound in the game is also extremely lively. Players participating in this guarantee will feel the authenticity and excitement of wanting to conquer the ocean.

The Weapons In Fu Fishing

There are 3 main types of guns in Fu Fishing, each gun will have a different value, the power is not the same.

  • 1 Gun: Bet of 1-9 coins ( shoots 1 bullets at one time)
  • 2 Guns: Bet of 10 -90 coins. (shoots 2 bullets at one time)
  • 3 Guns: Bet of 100 -1000 coins. ( shoots 3 bullets at one time)

Automatic fire feature: With this feature, players only need to pre-set the firing direction of the gun, the number of bullets each time the gun is released and set the time. Then the player does not need to click, the gun still automatically releases bullets in the previously set direction. If lucky, the number of fish appearing on the screen goes in the right direction of the gun, the player will receive a lot of bonuses. After a certain amount of time, when the ammo runs out or reaches the set time, the feature will stop automatically.

The Features Of Fu Fishing

  • Multiplier: If the fish in the bubble are destroyed, they will drag the fish of the same species outside. In this feature, if all fish of the same type die, the player’s reward will be multiplied many times. (from x2 to x5 times the initial stake).
  • Bomb: Just one bomb explodes, all fish on the screen are killed. At that time, the player does not need to release bullets, the number of bonus points will continue to increase. The bonus that the player receives when all the fish on the screen die is x5 to x5000.

Payment Of Fu Fishing

  • Small fish: This bonus level ranges from x2 to x15, usually these fish are small in size, slow-moving, only need 1 bullet to kill them, the weapon the player uses is only rank 1.
  • Special symbols: The amount the player receives depends on the symbols that appear on the screen. For example, if it is a gold bar, you will receive x20, treasure is x30, stingray is x40, blue shark is x50 and special fish is x80.
  • Boss: These creatures cannot be killed by the player. However, during the time they appear, players can take advantage of them to increase their bonus points (gold shark x50 to 500; dragon god x200 to 888).


Through the above sharing, we hope that we can help people feel confident when participating in Fu Fishing at our website. The system is having a reward program for new members. Quickly register an account and get yourself valuable gifts!