If players want to find a game that is both entertaining and offers attractive rewards. Players can refer to Oneshot Fishing, this is a game that has stirred up the fish table game market recently, with many players coming to join. So why is this game so attractive, follow the article below to understand more about Oneshot Fishing

What Is Oneshot Fishing?

Oneshot Fishing is the latest version of the fish table gambling online. The content and form of participation remains the same as the fish table game version. However, the game has been added by the publisher with new features, sound and graphics have also changed. Players participating in Oneshot Fishing will have an extremely realistic feeling, a new sense of experience and receive huge bonuses.

Players can participate in Oneshot Fishing by computer or mobile. Depending on the individual conditions of the player, this game is integrated on many devices, which can connect to the internet. So players are free to place bets, no restrictions on time or place.

The Symbols In Oneshot Fishing

  • Dragon ball turtle: If there is also a Dragon ball turtle, the player can receive rewards from 25x to 75x.
  • Fortune God is coming, players have the opportunity to receive rewards from 100x to 300x before the symbol leaves the screen.
  • Shenlong Jr. is coming, the player receives a bonus from 30x to 300x when hunting this symbol.
  • Shenlong: if the player collects 7 dragon balls and they appear randomly on the screen, the player can get a bonus of 50x to 500x for successfully killing them.

The Weapon In Oneshot Fishing

  • Level 1: Includes conventional weapons, ammo, no special skills often joined by new players.
  • Level 2: This tier weapon has a freezing skill, which appears randomly to help the player kill more fish.
  • Level 3: Lightning is the skill of the weapon at this level, the player shoots random bullets and the number of dead fish will be more than normal.
  • Ultimate:
  • Electricity bullets: Release extra 1 beam after shot to attack other fish species.
  • Electricity cannon: Trigger Mighty cannon at random to straight- widely kill fish school.


Oneshot Fishing is a game that retains the original look of the fish table game, while creating excitement and excitement for players. In addition to how to participate, how to use weapons and how to receive rewards, Fishgamegambling.com also provides experiences and strategies to improve victory for players. If players want to improve their combat ability and improve efficiency, do not forget to learn a lot of information at the website. Hurry up to register for the new member welcome bonus and join the game today!