RTP is a term that is no longer unfamiliar to those who have ever participated in online casino. This is an indicator that appears at all games, to show the percentage of winning that a player can get when participating in that product. However, it sounds simple, but not all players understand this phrase well. If customers have knowledge and understanding of the RTP phrase, they can win more than ordinary players.

Players who want to learn about RTP when playing casino should not ignore the article below!

Return To Player

What Is RTP?

RTP is an abbreviation of the phrase Return To Player, this is an indication of the amount of money a game can receive when participating in a game. Note that the player has to do a large number of spins. This RTP is only shown as a percentage and each game will have a different RTP rate.

The reason customers have to understand the RTP rate when joining a online casino in Singapore https://www.gogbetsg.com/ or online casino US is because it helps players improve their chances of winning. This ratio is calculated based on the rotation, the larger the number of rotations, the more obvious the ratio will be. Some players when participating in a short number of spins do not see an abnormality, but if you do thousands of spins, the difference will be very noticeable.

How To Choose Casino Through RTP

As mentioned, each game will have a different RTP rate, how high or low the RTP depends on many factors:

  • High RTP: are slots with an RTP equal to or higher than 98%.
  • Mid-Range or Mid-Range RTP: These are slots that have an RTP between 95% and 97.99%.
  • Low RTP: are slot games with an RTP of less than 94.99%.

If the player chooses a game with a high RTP rate, the player will have more time to experience and enjoy more interesting things in the game. No matter how many spins a player participates in, they can still guarantee their own capital. Besides, players also have the opportunity to receive a fairly high payback. Therefore, customers should find for themselves a game with a high RTP rate, gain an advantage for themselves and earn more profits. 

RTP values ​​are often compiled from a variety of sources and are gradually modified to suit each game including parameters within the game itself, data sheets provided by the game developer and data whether announced by the bookmakers. RTP for games may change over time due to software updates and developer-made changes to the game. If you want to understand and choose the right game for this indicator, the player needs to update the coefficient most often.

Payout Frequency Of Casino RTP

When participating in a casino, the appearance of the RTP index is all too familiar. Besides the concept of RTP, players should also understand the frequency of payouts. This is the term used to describe how often a game stops paying out if a player reaches a certain number of wins.

Players are usually not interested in low-paying games. Because if they choose those products, it usually takes a long time to win. Meanwhile, if they choose a game with a high payout frequency, they will get payback, so they are more popular with customers. In short, this depends on how you play and each person’s choices will have different results.

A Few Questions About RTP In Casino

  • Can an online casino control the RTP index?

No. Online casinos do not have control over the RTP index as players often think. Casino games are created by game operators and online casinos are just game delivery systems that bring games closer to customers. Online casino cannot change the core index of RTP, so players can be completely assured of the fairness and transparency of products when they participate in entertainment.

  • What does the RTP indicator mean if everything is random?

Although the casino is completely dependent on luck and all outcomes are completely random. But in general, a game with 96% RTP will be more worth playing than a slot game with 85% RTP. If a player can win or lose on both slots then choosing the game with a higher RTP is the right thing to do.


Once a player understands the RTP in a slot game like Candy Tower Slot or Lucky Little Gods Slot, the player gets to know the payouts the game offers them. From there, players will know which products they should participate in to gain the highest possible advantage. Just now is the basic information about the RTP index, if players want to understand more, it is best to choose a game to participate in, to get the most authentic experience.